Our Company

Hub.org has been a provider of affordable professional web hosting services for businesses of all sizes since 1997. With 300 servers in Panama running over 1500 domains, we have been providing world-class connectivity with exceptional security.

Hub.org is a proud supporter of open-source software development and offers a large choice of web hosting applications. For more than ten years we have provided clients with plans, service levels and technical support that consistently exceed expectations. Whether you are an experienced developer, or new to the world of websites, our staff will ensure that you get everything you need from a basic home page to supporting online e-commerce and workgroup solutions.

Our Founder

Marc Fournier (“Scrappy”) has been involved with the Internet and World Wide Web since founding Canada’s first private ISP focused on individuals, Internex Online in Toronto, Ontario. Following the sale of Internex to ICAN in 1996, Marc founded Hub.org Networking Services, a web development company based in Nova Scotia with servers and hubs also in Toronto and in Panama City, Panama. He has an extensive and impressive resumé in developing software and solutions for individuals and businesses.

Marc has beeen actively involved in several leading open-source projects (FreeBSD, InterNet News (INN), WU-FTPd, OpenSSH), and providing hosting for open-source projects including PostgreSQL and Horde.

He is a founding core member of the PostgreSQL Global Development Group, the world’s most advanced open-source object-relational database system. He also founded and continues to lead PostgreSQL, Inc. to provide commercial contract support for the PostgreSQL, delivering leading-edge SQL database capabilities to an increasing installed base of clients worldwide.

Marc has designed, developed, supported and hosted an impressively diverse list of distributed applications, and more recently has created area-code based business directory services and the Special Needs Information Service (www.snis.ca).