Our Referral Program

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This program is available to all clients.

You get sign-up credit for a new client equal to one month that a new client
has signed up for.

For example, if the referred new client signs up at the Premium
Level, we will credit your account with the value based on the price of one month at
Premium, even if your hosting is at another level.

When referred client applies money to her account,
either by paying an invoice or using the Advance Pay option,
we will credit your account 10% of this transaction.

These credits continue to apply as long as that referred client pays.
This translates into monthly savings for your own hosting.

Three ways to take advantage of this Referral Program:

1. Use the following URL in posts to forums, or email to associates, when you
refer to  hub.org:

Frontpage Template

[see main page of ams for your specific url]

This will ensure that you are credited with the referral.  Our sign-up
form prevents changes or removal of Referral information.

2. If you direct a client to our sign-up form, have them enter either your
contact email address (as per AMS) *or* one of the domains you host
with us. You will be linked to that user as its referral.

3. If you accumulate over $100 referral credits, you can request to be re-reimbursed.
Credits need not be used for future invoices

To keep the accounting simple and fair, credits are amortized over the period of each
referred clients’ payment.  If they sign up for a year, then your commission is applied monthly over that year.

If you have referred a current new client and the ‘Referred by’ line (in AMS >
Company Details) is blank, please let us know. We will correct it.

Questions about our new Referral Program?
Email us at . We will be pleased to answer them for you.

Marc G Fournier
Owner, Hub.Org Hosting Solutions S.A.