PostgreSQL 9.4 Now Available

This newest version of PostgreSQL is now supported for your Hub.Org hosted database needs.

PostgreSQL 9.4 adds many new features which enhance PostgreSQL’s flexibility, scalability and performance for many different types of database users, including improvements to JSON support, replication and index performance.

In addition to all the capabilities we have come to depend on, a few of the major enhancements include:

  • Add jsonb, a more capable and efficient data type for storing JSON data
  • Add new SQL command ALTER SYSTEM for changing postgresql.conf configuration file entries
  • Reduce lock strength for some ALTER TABLE commands
  • Allow materialized views to be refreshed without blocking concurrent reads
  • Add support for logical decoding of WAL data, to allow database changes to be streamed out in a customizable format
  • Allow background worker processes to be dynamically registered, started and terminated has been a proud supporter of, and contributor to, PostgreSQL since its emergence from UofC Berkeley back in 1995.

Our clients have the availability of both dedicated and shared resources, depending on their plan level.

For our dedicated database clients, literally, all released versions of PostgreSQL are available, so even applications that haven’t been updated tothe latest and greatest version can be run.

Marc G Fournier