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Dekka means rubble. From the rubble of the old, new beginnings emerge.
When a company is outgrowing its current operations or imploding or
preparing for change, Dekka consults to foster the most for the long
term from whatever is available. Part artists, part railroad chain
gang, we provide missing pieces to a group posturing to succeed.

For many, Dekka has come to mean remote IT.

When a contractor in Oregon wanted to sell green products online before
solar was popular, we built them a robust, custom catalog and VOIP phone
services for the call center. Both services included dual zone
redundancy so that a backup cart or VOIP server could be brought online
within minutes from a remote location if the central location and its
backup failed.

When investors in Oregon and New Mexico saw an opportunity to start a
solar training and technology innovation center, Dekka built them an
online environment where they could securely communicate and
collaborate, helping expedite due diligence from the field, and filling
in all the details to successfully complete the program.

When technology manufacturers in Minnesota, Oregon, and California
needed websites to promote their products and develop and maintain their
supplier networks, Dekka built them flexible systems that could grow as
they grew.

When an arborist supply company in Oregon needed to publish on the
internet, Dekka built them a system that spawned off their existing
infrastructure and provided opportunity for growth out of the region.

OpenACS: the platform behind all of these successful websites.

OpenACS is an extremely flexible web publishing toolkit built to be
rugged from the beginning by ArsDigita (aD). aD consisted mainly of MIT
alumni in computing. They released ACS as open source in 1998 partly so
that others that couldn’t afford ArsDigita’s services could benefit
freely from the work, but also so that the code could be peer tested and
reviewed. In 1999, OpenACS became a fully open-source platform, and
remains a proven contender for large, busy websites and those that plan
to be.

Why OpenACS on FreeBSD

For a server to be really useful in a variety of locations, it has to be
accessible from most anywhere. To be low cost and reliable, it also
needs to operate with as little hardware infrastructure as possible. A
bastion host is the ideal solution. Bastion hosts are streamlined and
hardened for high performance and low vulnerability –offering the most
performance for the least overhead.

Key features of BSD OSes meet the demanding requirements of bastion
hosting. Of the BSD OSes available, FreeBSD distributes the full range
of up-to-date software that is required, including Postgresql,
AOLserver, xotcl, and tcl.

Why OpenACS/FreeBSD on

Dekka chose in 2001 for its reliable, low cost hosting on
FreeBSD by using virtual private servers. I chose to build a
business relationship with Marc Fournier, it’s founder and a significant
contributor to Postgresql.

Marc Fournier is dedicated to the day to day operations of’s
hosting services and is always looking for strategic ways to continue
leading in service offerings. He is an IT consultant and technician
with PostgreSQL, FreeBSD, with expertise in computing well beyond hosting.

Marc and I have conspired through years to build a fully scalable,
distributed, green data center. Now it’s up to Dekka to create the need
to fund it. is a strategic partner in all Dekka hosting related initiatives.

Benjamin Brink
director of IS
Dekka Corp