Egon Kuballack

Client Since 2012

We are running a Music-Band-Fan-Torrent-Tracker. Mainly to serve all our friends/fans worldwide we decided to take this server in Panama. Its near to the U.S. and to the south american countries. Another advantage of this hosting is the maybe, again from to time, little copyright problems with some material, although a torrent-tracker only “host” the metadata of such a torrent-file. On my server here is stored nothing else than this, so the copyright-problems while hosted in Panama should be reduced to a minimum.

What sort of technologies you are using to Produce / Develop it

We are using web only, and the tracker software requires MySQL-Databases and PHP and so its the right “package” here.

Why you choose to host with us

Incredible speed and service quality, really !! This is my fourth hoster, i have another one in Germany with also top-speed and a minimum downtime.For this server in germany i´ve searched a long time and there the speed is in the highest 5%, really, and on this the speed is also incredible fast.
By that the service is absolut unbelievable.I had to backup all the data and databases in day and night action, and after finding in a very long list, joining and registering was very easy and fast, an advantage was really this possibilty to pay via PayPal and these 1 Buck-thing in the first month, and after a few minutes i had some questions and i got answers IMMEDIATELY !! .
So with this really superb support and really fast servers, i´ve backuped all the data and setting up the databases in 7-8 hours..
I´ve expected a speed in the mid-range but it was fast as my old server in Germany..didnt expect it.

Why are you happy with the service

Very fast speed.
Top-Service, almost everytime to reach and short answer-times.
Really really only absolut a few downtimes about 5 minutes or so..i experienced only 3 or 4 in 6 !! month hosting, and thats superb !!
Really nice “price”.