Elder Haven

Client Since: Feb ’13

Elder Haven Homes is an Assisted Living Facility in Forest Lake Minnesota, having served the area for nearly 15 years. We treat our residents as family and provide the utmost care, while also promoting independence throughout their daily activities as much as possible. Our staff is adept at providing a family atmosphere and meeting the unique needs of each resident.

We were looking to set up a web presence and we found the Hub.org basic VPS plan to be an easy and cost effective way to get our site online. We were able to get our WordPress site up and running in no time. This was beyond our expectation as we expected a few days downtime to have things set up. When we had questions along the way, Marc was very kind and timely in providing solutions for us (and explaining it in a way in which we learn something and have a better idea of the process).

Thank you for your amazing efforts in serving us. We highly recommend Hub.org for your web solutions!

Cassandra @ Assisted Living in Forest Lake Minnesota

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