Client Since: Oct 2011

We took three months writing this testimonial.

That’s one month listing all the awesome support we got from Hub and Marc and then 2 month’s summarizing that to the essential content.

To give what we are saying some context you should know we have worked with some really awesome and famous web hosts including: Rackspace, Servint, Wiredtree and Futurequest all of which are class leading in some way.

Hub and Marc take those service levels up a few notches further.

Currently Marc manages 5 dedicated servers and about 20 VPS for us on two continents.

He’s taken the time to get intimately familiar with our application and our needs and then he crafted a cluster that gives us the performance and redundancy we require while at the same time advocating overall cost containment.

Any company that is in a position to charge us more and does not, deserves our business and wins our admiration.

Thank you Hub and Marc,
the Team at Hospitality.PRO
Leaders in Hospitality