Rural Catholic Radio

Rural Catholic Radio provides a wonderful opportunity to listen to classic and faithful contemporary voices on the core truths of our Faith with 58 programs aired daily. Moreover, our Special 24/7 Perpetual Cenacle of Prayer streams provide spiritual incentive to pray a wide variety of classic novenas and prayers before the hourly Cenacle Scriptural Rosary.

Our two-fold focus is:  Prayer for your spiritual nourishment, and audio versions of spiritual classics for your spiritual growth. Pray with us and listen to the writings of the saints, and absorb the wisdom of those who have lived a heroic and saintly life!

Our Internet Station is rather unique since each new day’s programs must be pre-loaded before the changeover at midnight. The only stream generator that would allow for precise timing, crossovers, multiple bitrate and format streams is Liquidsoap. It is unique since it is the only Stream Generator that will allow complex automated programming for Rural Catholic Radio. We stream 128/96/64/32 kbps in mp3 format, and 64/32 kbps in ogg format.

Our programming is pre-recorded and formatted with a powerful Digital Audio Workshop – Ardour.

All of this would be useless without‘s flexible and powerful FreeBSD back-end with generous bandwidth and storage capabilities built into their Enterprise plan. Best of all, Hub’s expertise and service is beyond compare with truly first-class rapid response support!

Find us at (for website) and click on the links provided for streams. Be sure to check out our Special 24/7 Streams!