Subteni is a website where enterprises and self-employed professionals can
promote the services they offer, paying only for each client who hires them and
profiting from tools to manage their appointments and service requests.
Customers are invited to evaluate the service after it was furnished.

In this way, Subteni creates a cycle of customer base expansion – service
quality – reputation: Customers can find the professionals services more easily,
the professional has the tools to deliver a better service and satisfied
customers evaluations increase the probability of finding new clients.

In order to implement this cycle, Subteni has some particular needs, such as a
very reliable e-mail server to complete the registration process and send
notifications, graphics libraries to generate captchas and avoid fraud,
geolocation by IP to preinitialize search, registration fields and
announcements, etc. Furthermore, Subteni's business model is based on small fees
for a large client base, which means that a powerful database management system,
such as PostgreSQL, is essential for us. is one of the rare hosting services to fulfill all of our needs. They
offer this balance of support and autonomy which allows us to use specialized
features and to minimize our operational costs. They are always there, even on
holidays and weekends, to solve any issue that may arise. They continuously
improve the service without increasing fees.

In we have found more than a provider. We found a partner who cares
about our business. In our case, this level of quality in hosting is of vital