How to make your own killer-app that connects you with its fans, works on most all devices, and breaks less

NASA Space Shuttle

NASA Space Shuttle

by a reluctant coder
One of the last ways you want to spend your time is writing code for a killer-app or website.

New technologies claim to be *the choice* for building a killer-app. Then newer technologies replace them soon after. How to tell if it’s a geek or business fad at risk of fading away?

Read on to help separate hype from handy. There are links to wikipedia and other sites embedded in the following posts if any part of this is new to you.

Slick ads by savvy techs suggest paying them to write your app to get what you want in little time. That may be, if what you want matches the features they have proven to work. You’ll get an app if you pay a team of specialized developers to write your killer-app using code they’ve already written. For other contract work, how does one keep expenses from appearing as fruitless as gambling?

Most new coding requires much more resources than anticipated. At least ten percent of the time, it takes more than ten times the resources of the original estimate.

Enter the reluctant coder.

What if you are resource challenged? What if you don’t have friends willing or able to code or finance the killer-app?

Can you convince someone else that the app is worthy enough for them to code and keep you on the team?

You’ll have to write at least the first part or version yourself.

You need technology that will work best for you. Choose tech that with will help you stay central to any core related activity and decisions. It’s important to choose an appropriate development platform or framework. At some point, you want to hand the code to others to work with.

This is the plight of a reluctant coder.

Next post is on choosing a platform that works best for you.